Fun Factoids about MSWC

1939-40’s:The Miami Springs Woman’s Club(MSWC) was organized May 22, 1939 at the Miami Springs Country Club.
Months later, meetings were held at the Miami Springs Municipal Building, 201 Broadway, now Westward Drive.
1939(Dec.6th):The Club organized the first public library with 171 volumes.
1940: Joined with Dade County Federation of Women’s Clubs. MSWC did not join Florida Federation or GFWC till 1942.
1941: The first community project was to provide and beautify the entrances to Miami Springs on Broadway (now Westward Drive) Curtiss Parkway and North Royal Poinciana Blvd
Red Cross Surgical Dressing Unit opened at the Miami Springs Elementary School
1943: Raised $50.00 to start a Nursing Scholarship Fund at the University of Miami.
Members helped equip a Causality Station at the 36 Street Airport
Two lots on Westward Drive were donated by Glenn Curtiss’ widow Lena Pearl Wheeler to the MSWC.
Members would raise money to build Clubhouse
1945: Members started a program called”Springs Teeners” to entertain teens and give them a place to go.
Members raised money to purchase and equip two ambulances for Miami Springs.
1947: Members replaced over 2000 library books which were destroyed in the 1947 hurricane by flooding.
The Miami Springs Junior Woman’s Club was organized by the Miami Springs Woman’s Club charter.
1949: The first building blocks were placed on our property( 200 Westward Drive)
in February.
The building was dedicated in April.Mrs. H. Sayre Wheeler,( Lena Pearl, Glenn Curtiss’widow) donated the property
to the Miami Springs Woman’s Club.
“The Emergency Sick Room Closet” was started for the use of Miami Springs residents.

Vintage Women
1950-51: The MSWC chose the theme “Love Thy Neighbor.” In order to fulfill the theme,
the Club worked with the Red Cross, the Community Chest, the Cancer Society, the State Welfare Indian Children’s Hospital
and the TB Ward at Pratt General Hospital.
1953-1954: It was a pleasure to burn the MSWC mortgage on June 22, 1953.
Members continued to support the first Miami Springs Public Library by leasing the front room of our building
to the Town of Miami Springs.The revenue payed the bills.
Members purchased stools for the children to use in the library.
The Emergency Sick Room Loan Closet helped 80 sick people in Miami Springs.
Sewing and repairing garments continued for the VA Hospital
1955-1956: MSWC paid for and installed four giant fluorescent light fixtures in the library.
The club paid for a well to be dug . A sprinkler system was installed.
With the Police Department, MSWC supported the “Light Your Bike” program.
Children registered their bikes with the Police Department. Our club provided reflector tape for the bikes.
The Lena Pearl Wheeler Nursing Scholarship was established.


1961-1962: Fine Arts Classes are held weekly. Two of the choices were china painting and oil painting.
1964-1965: The Miami Springs Junior Woman’s Club held their Frolics.
1966-1967: The Club won the 4th of July float prize. The Club hosted a graduation party for Miami Springs Senior High School.
The Club landscaped the house grounds.

1970: Money was raised for tuition for local police officers in the C. I. P. Project in Law Enforcement Training.
Money was sent to the Headquarters for Indian Welfare.
Members provided food to families through the Miami Springs Welfare Association.
Books were added to the Memorial Library.

1971: The Clubhouse needed roof and air conditioning repairs. The club members housed and fed 18 European students. The Medical Loan Closet was in constant use.

1983: President Lei McEleveen, President, led the club to adopt an American Eagle “T.J. Prairie. He was a young bald eagle found alongside the road. He recuperated at the Florida Audubon Society. Our club adopted him through the S.O.S. Program.